Studio H Lash Guide

Studio H Lashes were first launched in December of 2018 just in time for Christmas! They were a project that took time, patience, detailed designs, and creative ideas! 

Studio H Lashes are one of a kind! They offer various magnitudes of DRAMA, and are perfect for everyone, skilled makeup artists, makeup newbies, and everyone in between. Currently, Studio H offers three types of lashes. Keep reading to find out all about them!

The LOTTIE LASH was the first lash to be created by Studio H. It distributes volume evenly across the eye, displays medium to full drama, and has the perfect amount of FLUFF! The Lottie Lash is a fan favorite and is the go-to for first time Studio H Lash wearers. Try a pair for yourself to see what all the hype is about!

The AVA LASH was the second lash to be created by Studio H. The Ava fans out across the eye, with maximum volume and length! This lash is perfect for a girls night out, or your most dramatic daytime look! It was even seen on Lisa Rinna and has become one of her favorite lashes! OH! And don't forget... when you purchase the Ava Lash, 20% of the proceeds go to animal shelters to help our fluffy fur friends! What better excuse to treat yourself to a pair of the Ava Lashes?

The LOUIS LASH is the newest lash in the Studio H collection and is definitely giving other lashes a run for their money! The Louis Lash is natural and fluffy in all the right ways. It is just enough to give your everyday look the GLAM it needs, while keeping it classic and understated. These lashes are PERFECT for a makeup rookie or and a classic eye! We can't wait for you to get your hands on them! Launching March 31st!