Who can I contact about booking?

The best way to book an appointment is by email. You can email info@studiohmakeupcompany.com and we will get back with you as soon as possible!


Do you require a deposit for booking my wedding?

We do require a small deposit to ensure your date is secure!


Can I book some services/people for my wedding now to secure my date and add/remove them if they change their mind?

When booking, we must know all services in order to secure your date. When submitting your contract please make sure all services and those receiving said services are listed. When your contract in finalized and submitted, we assign team members and make your booking date unavailable to other brides. Due to this, we cannot remove services from your contract and this is stated within in your contact. You can add services or swap people out for services as long as it is during the allotted time frame of your contact and Studio H Makeup Company approves your changes. It is easier on all parties involved if the amount and type of services are decided upon before signing your contract.


What is included with my service?

Your service includes a full, custom makeup look, false lashes, AND a mini touch up kit for the night!


Do you have a travel fee?

Travel fees begin 30 miles outside our studio in Lake Jackson, Texas and is $1.25/mile round trip!

Do you offer airbrush makeup or traditional services?

We offer BOTH! The application type can depend on your person preference or skin type!


How much time do you need?

Depending on the details of your wedding we require 25-45 minutes per service! Bridal services can be extended for as long as necessary! You will need to list start and finish time in your contract so we can allot for how many artists are needed!

Do you offer appointments for trials/bridals and if so when can I book that?

ABSOLUTELY! Trial appointments do NOT go towards your day of service count and are separate appointment you will need to book separately and are provided IN STUDIO ONLY.


Will an artist stay until after the ceremony for touch ups?

Once the final service is complete, the artist will make final touches to each client. Once these final touches are complete, the artist will leave the venue. If you would like to request an artist to stay until after the ceremony, we will add an additional rate to your contract for the additional hours. Please keep in mind all services do include a mini touch up kit!


Do you have different pricing for grandma's, jr. bridesmaids, Flower Girls, etc?

Do you offer different prices for individual services such as just eyes, lashes, face, etc?

We only offer pricing for Bridal and Bridal Guest services. The only additional is flower girl pricing for ages 7yrs and under which is discounted in the pricing guide. Our pricing is the same whether you want a full face, natural makeup, or just blush and lip gloss. We are always happy to accommodate a more minimal application; however, the price will not change.

How do I book and make payments?

Once you decide on a booking date and number of services, you may request a contract to move forward with booking. Once you receive this contract, you will fill it out to completion and email it back. Once our admin team receives this contract, they will begin processing. At this point they will calculate your deposit owed (which goes towards your grand total) and email you with an invoice. You have 7 days from when the link is sent out to complete this or your contract will be voided. Your date will not be secure until the deposit invoice is paid. Once you complete your deposit, your date is secure and our team is assigned which puts your date on our master calendar. Your remaining balance will be due 7 days prior to the wedding. You will be sent a invoice 14 days before your wedding date and you will have 7 days to complete payment. We will also contact you 14 days before your wedding date to confirm a day of schedule of services. This will ensure everyone is on time and the day runs smoothly. All of these details will be displayed within your contract for your review.

What if I don’t want lashes?

You are welcome to opt out of wearing false lashes, however the price will remain the same. We think lashes complete every look!